Recycling, Resale & Refurbishment

We all have a responsibility to recycle, Heartwood Installations work hard to avoid landfill of redundant office furniture and equipment and therefore segregate waste into furniture and equipment for resale, re-use or disposal through our local recycling centres.

Heartwood operate a zero landfill approach. Our aim is to ensure absolutely nothing that isn’t absolutely necessary goes to landfill. We deal with local businesses and charities through our Re-Use programme to try and help find new homes for goods which are no longer required. We have established partnerships with numerous charities and organisations through our Green Initiative which ensures that anything that cannot be re-used will at least be ethically recycled.

Green Initiative

We have recognized that there is a real need for businesses to channel redundant office furniture in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible way.
We also recognised that the solution needs to be cheap & economical too.

We offer a fully audited, cost effective recycling route for your redundant office furniture, which meets the needs of your environmental policy.

Green Initiative combines logistics and process expertise with the highest level of environmental commitment, control and reporting.

Each item of furniture is assessed, then reused, stripped for useful components that can be reused elsewhere or disassembled into components that can be recycled properly.

We work closely with a group of partners who can process any products that cannot be reused, these partners are fully audited on a regular basis.

The key to our Green Initiative is working closely with our clients to understand the specific project needs and budget. Some projects will have long lead in times, which allow us to provide the greenest and most cost efficient solution, while other projects may be urgent and a quick fix may be required.

The important issue is that we manage the entire process for you, ensuring a full audit is completed and certification provided. You are provided with a complete and transparent audit trail throughout the process, this is key to protecting your business under corporate and social responsibility legislation.

Green Initiative has one key objective - To protect your Corporate and Social Responsibility by keeping furniture out of landfill.

We Manage:

• Advice on product suitability for resale or disposal
• A managed decant of product from your premises
• An environmentally friendly path for all goods
• Recycling partnerships to avoid landfill
• Full audit trail for asset and accounting aspects
• A managed relocation of product off-site

The Process


Through the following process Green-Initiative will identify the project needs for each company, division, location or individual office. This is the first and most important step in the process, as it allows us to understand the key needs and objectives of the customer and also provides an opportunity for the combined team to understand all of the options:

Communications Procedure

AwarenessKey RequirementsPreferencesSelection
Green Initiative to discuss:







Green Initiative to match key requirements with options and identify preferenceA full audit of furniture to be taken and matched against awareness options and key requirements, to establish best route and financial suitability using the following process


Finding the Right Route

Identify Need/Opportunity Identify Alternative Avenues and Perform ComparisonEvaluate and Audit Chosen optionsShortlist RoutesTechnical EvaluationPartner Agreement and PurchaseReporting



Evaluation Process

Proposed route is an active and good partner in the Waste / Charity Recycling business?Proposed route offers goods/services that meet the needs of the client objectives and responsibilitiesKnowledge and Motivation Building

Proposed route offers competitively strong goods/services

Route offers attractive incentives to end client
greed Route is Selected a full route is provided to the clientGreen Initiative delivers on its promises.

Recycling, Resale & Refurbishment