Installation Project Management

Our approach is to ensure understanding of our customers’ needs and then become an integral part of the overall project team. We are skilled and effective in this area and our collective expertise provides practical support to relieve the pressure of delivering a successful project.

Installation Initiation and Strategy

The Heartwood project process begins with familiarisation, this includes getting to know the buildings, client processes and procedures, project team and structure.

The Heartwood project team will integrate into the wider project team and attend the project team meetings. In this phase various other meetings will be organised. These meetings will include interaction with the project team, IT Service, Facilities Service, departmental meetings, Furniture meetings and Fit out meetings.

Once the project team and strategy are set up, the detailed installation programme and work sequence will be prepared. The programme is a working document and will be updated and communicated on a regular basis.

Project Control Procedures

Our procedures ensure that all work, from initial enquiry to completion and delivery, is undertaken conscientiously and in a manner, which sets and maintains a professional and high standard of service. Our operating protocol ensures clarity and quality in every aspect of our company.

All procedures and practices, routine or specialised, whether formally documented or personally monitored are subject to regular analysis, beneficial criticism, updating and improvements. Our operating framework demands that activities are effectively controlled and undertaken according to company policy and client requirements, to ensure these objectives are met we review our activities at regular intervals.

Heartwood will assess risks including Health & Safety risks on each phase of the works and ensure controls & contingencies are in place.


Clear communication to staff, contractors, suppliers and visitors is a key factor to a successful installation. It is important to list and involve all of the various stakeholders and decide on their level of involvement within the process and the level of communication that is required. Our Project Manager will work with the project team to establish and manage the communication strategy.

The communication strategy will include:

  • Communication tools and timing
  • Roles and responsibilities in the communication process
  • Meeting structure including meetings with various representatives and stakeholders
  • Post installation experience and support
  • Communication programme

The level of support depends on how far your planning process has already materialised as well as skills within your own project team. We can take full control of your project or just be there to guide and support you through the process and ensure it is a seamless process for you and your staff.

Installation Project Management